ECML workshop series “ICT VOLL IMPACT” (ECML programme 2000-2003) proved highly successful, and the GRAZVOLL website created in the project was widely acclaimed as innovative, informative and useful. The present project is concerned with updating content and developing strategies for the practical implementation of the products and findings not only of the ICT VOLL IMPACT group, but also of the results obtained in parallel ECML workshops conducted at the ECML as well as successful EU LEONARDO projects (e.g. EUROVOLT in VLE, http://www.dilaport.utu.fi/, POOLs http://www.languages.dk/, ProblemSolve http://www.problemsolve.org/, TCVOLL, ACCUEIL, CompCertVoll, PRACTICERT, EVOQs), providing links to teacher training for VOLL, exemplar language learning modules in VOLL (ICT) and to resources/models of good practice.

The team will overhaul the GRAZVOLL website on the ECML server to incorporate recent findings and developments in ICT in FLT/FLL (e.g. e-Portfolio, intercultural issues in FLT/FLL), and conduct a survey of the specific needs in the field of ICT in FLT in vocational/professional contexts. A system will be put in place for introducing the use of ICT in VOLL throughout Europe by creating and piloting a user manual for multipliers, who will address clearly defined problems identified by national authorities, providing specific workshops for a particular country or region to tackle perceived deficits.


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