Aim and specific objectives

To update and then ensure wide scale implementation of the products and findings of the series of workshops offered by the ECML in the field of information and communications technology and Vocationally Oriented Language Learning as well as providing interfaces with similar EU projects in the field of VOLL.
Specific objectives
  1. To update the GRAZVOLL website, incorporating web 2.0 type applications
  1. To produce and pilot a practical manual for multipliers, outlining strategies and methods for the introduction of ICT in VOLL, based upon the GRAZVOLL website (learning by doing, reflecting and integrating into own practice).
  1. To encourage the establishment of a network of multipliers able to address identified needs related to the introduction/use of ICT in VOLL.
  2. To widely publicise the content and approach of the GRAZVOLL website through a series of workshops and other channels (beyond the remit of the ECML project) so that the ideas and concepts proposed become common practice in VOLL methodology.


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