This project continues and enriches the results of the series of successful international VOLL workshops run by the Council of Europe in collaboration with different Ministries of Education and which started in the early nineties. The target groups of the website are the same and are clearly defined in the corresponding publications and workshop reports.


Since the early VOLL workshops, working life has changed dramatically: flat structures, small and self-governed groups of people, knowledge advancement and innovation are crucial factors for sustainable businesses and services across geographical, cultural and linguistic boundaries. Changing practices in work require new practices in communication. And foreign language competence has become vital in online environments, where the new literacies are seen as the key to successful participation in social as well as working life.


The technological response at present can be seen in a series of web 2.0 applications (not available during the creation of the GRAZVOLL website), e.g. blogs, wikis and various types of file sharing applications and social software. However, the cultural-historical and institutional aspects of schooling and teaching make it difficult to unite tradition and innovation overnight. Systematic cultivation of teacher communities and the development of learning scenarios where teachers, as well as learners, participate in real life, distributed assignments can be seen as a principled effort to address this situation.


Unfortunately, we are still a long way from practical implementation of ICT in FLL/FLT on a wide scale, and the main challenge lies in the pedagogical use of ICT inside and outside the classroom linked to a positive development of eLearning.


Through their various activities in online communities, the project team will use their networks to research and disseminate other relevant sources (e.g. Eurocall (European Association of Computer Assisted Language Learning) and IALIC (International Association for Language and Intercultural Communication).


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