From 15th to 22nd June, 2008, the E-VOLLution Project Team ran a workshop for a group of 15 researchers and language teachers from Moscow State Linguistics University (MSLU) at the Pierre Mendès France University in France (UPMF). MSLU specialises in, amongst other subjects, the teaching of non-language specialists from a variety of faculties (Law, Medicine, business studies etc) to enable them to communicate in the professional field in a foreign language.


The programme developed for the group by the Director of the Language Centre of UPMF, Bernard Moro, who is also the Web Master of the E-VOLLution Project, aimed at improving the skills of the participants in the use of information and communication technologies in their teaching programmes. In addition, the deployment of the Common European Framework of Reference together with the European Language Portfolio was integrated into the overall programme.


Although participants had only four to five hours to put together the results of the skills and knowledge they acquired in the course of the workshop (including online research in thier specific field of specialisation) and float it in their own blog space (created specifically for this purpose on "EDUBLOG"), the amount and quality of the resulting products is quite remarkable.

Those interested in gaining insights into what may be achieved in such a short period of time may wish to visit the website created as a "showcase" for workshop products

Within the course of the E-VOLLution Project, the Project Team intends to work with the Russian colleagues to "polish" some of the workshop output as an example of good practice.



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