Project Results

An updated version of the GRAZVOLL website, including latest WEB 2.0 applications for active participation (e.g. blogs, wikis, e-portfolio, podcasts, etc.) will be presented. Also, it will feature case studies illustrating the meaningful use of modern media in VOLL, highlighting and integrating ECML/CDCC achievements in the field and including direct links to appropriate SOCRATES/LEONARDO project websites (e.g. EUROVOLT, LANCELOT, EVOQs, etc).
A web platform to serve as a “market place” for training needs and training offers for the member states and the establishment of a pool of experts.
A central training event pertinent to the implementation of ICT in VOLL leading to:
            - documentation of successful events and models on the dedicated website,
            - the establishment of (non-permanent) networks for exchange on specific aspects of ICT in                         FLT/FLL identified in workshops.

Criteria for measuring whether the planned outcomes of activities have been achieved, adapted from the "Quality Guide" (A Guide for the Evaluation and Design of Quality Language learning and teaching Programmes and Materials),ed. J.-C. Lasnier, European Commission 2000], in particular, the sections relating to course planning and management as well as the deployment of resources.


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