Kerstin Namuth







Surname:    Namuth

First name:    Kerstin
Address for correspondence
Affiliation with educational networks
CFL (Swedish National Agency of Flexible Learning): advisor in projects, trainer, member of working groups. NoFu (Nordiska Folkuniversiteten): project leader Resursplatsen för språk (web-based resource centre for languages). ICC - the European language network: EUROLTA certification for language teachers - advisor/ former coordinator. 
Work information
Occupation or position currently held
1. Coordinator, Distance Learning at Folkuniversitetet, Sweden
2. Responsible for staff development at Folkuniversitetet West Sweden Region
3. Swedish and European projects in the areas of languages, ICT, staff development and organisational issues
Name of employer
Stiftelsen Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamheten vid Göteborgs universitetet.
Country of employment
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
German Abitur, Studies in Swedish, German and Linguistics. More important and relevant to this project bid is, however, the experience and informal training gained from a large number of projects and tasks in the area of ICT and learning.
Publications relevant for the project bid:
Namuth, K. and Sanyang, R. (2004). Ryms det nya i det gamla? Hur skapa en organisation för flexibelt lärande i studieförbunden? Nationellt centrum för flexibelt lärande.
Namuth, K. (2004). Folkbildningsnätets pedagogiska resurser. Språk - en metodhandledning. Folkbildningsrådet.
Namuth, K. (2004). Successful group projects at a distance. In Axelsson et. al. - an anthology about "folkbildning" and flexible learning.
Namuth, K. (2002) Att linnéisera IKT-stödet i folkbildningen i Norden. NoFu.
A large number distance training modules for the training of online teachers, most of them published in Folkuniversitetet's VLE.Long experience as a VOLL trainer, teacher trainer, former head of German and less widely taught languages, coordinator of Swedish projects, member of European project groups (e.g. development of the Eurolta certificates, Business trainers' training, EUROVOLT via VLE). Coordinator of activities in ICT within Folkuniversitetet Sweden targeting a large-scale implementation troughout the organisation, author of ca. 20 distance and blended courses, practical running of ca. 40 online courses, most of them language teacher training and training of online trainers. Active member of National networks under CFL and the Swedish Folkbildningsrådet (Agency of adult education) and as a result a wide network in Scandinavian adult education.
Language skills and competences
Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s) of communication
Swedish, English, French, Spanish


Contribution to the project
Originally a language teacher responsible for ICT applications in a local environment, KN is now responsible for distance learning and deployment of virtual learning environments and resources across the range of adult and continuing education within Folkuniversitetet at a local, regional and national level. She was a member of the advisory committee convened by the Swedish National Agency for Flexible Learning (CFL) to guide and develop policy and practice related to distance learning and the new media in adult and continuing education. Within the context of the envisaged project, she will act as animator in the international workshops, concentrating on the wide-scale application of programs and resources. She will also contribute to suggestions regarding the qualification and certification of teachers for online language teaching.



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