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The Project Team

   Tony Fitzpatrick

Formerly Director of the ICC - The European Language Network. Since my “retirement” in 2006, I have worked as an independent language consultant for various EU projects and as adviser in the field of Vocationally Oriented Language Learning (VOLL) with a main emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in language learning/teaching.

I have been involved in the training of language teachers for more than 20 years and in projects concerned with ICT and the training of foreign language teachers at a European level for over ten years, having been involved in all the Council of Europe and European Centre for Modern Languages training seminars related to this subject with a VOLL bias from the outset. I was the coordinator of the “ICT in VOLL” project – the forerunner of E-VOLLution 2010.

Since 1989, involvement in 20+ similar projects financed within the context of the EU LEONARDO and SOCRATES (LINGUA) programmes.

I am looking forward very much to working together with the E-VOLLution 2010 team and with other former colleagues from throughout Europe to extend the ICT in VOLL network and update our knowledge and skills in this forward–looking and challenging area of teaching and learning.

   Kerstin Namuth

Kerstin works for Folkuniversitetet, Gothenburg, and for the national coordination office of the Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm. Folkuniversitetet is the biggest provider of modern language teaching in adult education in Sweden.

Originally a language teacher (German as a Foreign Language) responsible for ICT applications in a local environment, Kerstin is now responsible for distance learning and deployment of virtual learning environments and resources across the range of adult and continuing education within Folkuniversitetet at a local, regional and national level. She was a member of the advisory committee convened by the Swedish National Agency for Flexible Learning (CFL) to guide and develop policy and practice related to distance learning and the new media in adult and continuing education. Within the context of the E-VOLLution Project, she will act as animator in the international workshops, concentrating on the wide-scale application of programs and resources. She will also contribute to suggestions regarding the qualification and certification of teachers for online language teaching. Thanks to her knowledge and competence in the teaching of German, she will supervise the German section of the platform and website, as well as the DaF contributions.

    Robert O'Dowd

Robert O'Dowd teaches EFL and Foreign Language Methodology at the University of León in Spain and has a Ph.D. on the development of intercultural competence through the use of networked technologies in the foreign language classroom. He is currently on the executive committees of both Eurocall and the International Association for Language and Intercultural Communication and is also involved in various international research projects related to on-line intercultural exchange. He has published widely on the themes of on-line foreign language education and on the role of culture in foreign language learning in journals such as ReCALL, the Calico Journal and ELT Journal. In his free time Robert looks after his two young children and enjoys making regular trips to his homeland - Ennis, County Clare in Ireland.

   Irina Smoliannikova

Irina Smoliannikova teaches EFL to students of Law and Data Protection as well as Foreign Language Methodology at Moscow State Linguistic University and has a Ph.D. on the development of communicative competence through the use of ICT in the foreign language classroom. She is also involved in research projects related to language and culture acquisition in vocationally oriented exchange. Currently, Irina is working with a team whose task is to design and develop the portal of the International Institute of the languages spoken in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which has been created at Moscow State Linguistic University. The portal will provide online resources and a didactic environment for many language teachers and students in the CIS.
Irina enjoys devoting her free time to a “little” pet, an English Mastiff, and to making regular trips to her country house which is in the woods a long way from Moscow. 

   Bernard Moro

Initially a professional illustrator, now professeur agrégé and Director of the Center for Modern Languages at the Social Sciences University in Grenoble . Produced software applications for language classes and co-authored a successful language course ("Flying Colours") for upper secondary pupils; built didactic websites for a series of Council of Europe workshops ending 2002.

Designed his University Language Centre website (, which he regards as a crucial tool for implementing foreign language policies in his institution, in particular all CEFR-related evaluation approaches.

Also webmasters Language Learning Resource Center (, a portal providing online resources many language teachers and students in France use as a didactic environment for their courses. The site is also a space for students documenting films, as well as a methodological approach for a number of competencies, i.e. press reading, CV and e-mail writing.

Hobbies include flying and landing on Alpine glaciers, running, rollerblading and skin diving. Drawing as well, when static.


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