Project description

Exploring cutting edge applications of networked technologies in Vocationally Oriented Language Learning

Short-term project (2008-2009)

Project working languages: 
English, German

Thematic strand: Continuity in language learning

Expected results and output: interactive website with training kit

Target audience for the activities planned within the project:  

- teachers working as multipliers in networks;
- teacher educators;
- decision-makers: heads of language departments responsible for VOLL in post-secondary, adult and tertiary education.

Target audience for the project results: 

- VOLL trainers in vocational schools, adult and continuing education, universities of applied sciences and in-company training;
- multipliers as trainers of the above-mentioned groups;
- teacher trainers in educational training establishments;
- HR staff in charge of in-company (language) training.

Sector of education focussed on:

- those responsible for work placements abroad (e.g. within the context of the LEONARDO programme for young people in training);

- vocationally oriented schools;
- colleges, universities with language centres for VOLL;

- teacher education;
- adult education, workplace;
- continuing education;
- educational media;
- adult VOLL learners.


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